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2 years

  • Understanding TCP/IP, OSI Model, IP addressing, HTTP requests. Network planning, troubleshooting, testing networking systems.

  • Design, provisioning CCTV (Cameras, NVRs)

  • Windows, *nix and MacOS troubleshooting

  • Python – basic knowledge (scripts, telegram bots). Flask – minimal knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of frontend technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap) for creating landing pages.

  • Worked with CRM-system Wordpress

  • Understanding of cloud Service AWS(EC2, S3, VPC, IAM, etc)

  • Configuration network equipment, design and implementation LAN, WAN.

  • Understanding git

  • Docker configuration (docker-compose, docker-swarm cluster) and management Kubernetes cluster development


Setup and maintenance of CI/CD Pipelines. Software packaging and delivery with Docker containers. Planning and setup of Kubernetes clusters, Databases and IDPs. Working within Scrum development teams.


FE Developer

2 years

  • Typescript, JavaScript (ES2015 - 2019)

  • React

  • Angular

  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass (SCSS), BEM, Bootstrap, Bulma, Material UI

  • Fetch, REST API, Web sockets

  • Figma

  • Git/Github, VS Code, Chrome Developer Tools (incl. React), NPM

  • Trello, Jira, Miro

  • Xcode, Android Studio


Confident and goal-oriented Software Developer with a year of commercial experience in Frontend and specialized education in software programming. Got experience in working with JavaScript, Typescript, React, Angular, HTML, CSS, Preprocessors.


Senior QA Automation Engineer

5 years


Tools: Groovy, Spock, Selenium, Maven, Serenity, Cucumber BDD, Selenide, Junit, TestNG, TeamCity, Jenkins, OpenShift, Xpath, TestComplete, JIRA, Gitlab, Confluence, Git
Languages: Java, Groovy, JScript, SQL, HTML, CSS
Databases: MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access


Developing and maintaining automation frameworks from scratch.
Developing performance tests.
Preparing and managing test runs, analyzing failed tests.
Adapting automation framework for testing.
Developing and maintaining automated test cases.

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